Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Weakness or strength - Modi as PM candidate

Too much of ink has been wasted on Narendra Modi's weakness and why he should not become the PM of India. I wondered aloud and took a look at the weakness Modi-baiters list, to present their case. The very reasons that are showcased a weakness’s are actually valid reasons for him to become the PM candidate. Let me explain...

One of the biggest weakness analyst’s claim for Modi, is, that he is a polarising figure. Look at the various past elections, the people have been uncertain and splintered in their voting patterns that we got smaller Parties calling the shots. There was hardly any figure who could polarise the voters, enthuse various groups to vote (for or against) and not splinter them into many groups. So if Modi is the PM candidate, chances of a more solid mandate in favor of either big party is possible. And isn't that an ideal situation to push reforms?

Another reason given is that Modi is an autocrat. Takes decisions quick but without other's inputs. Now this is possibly what India needs after 8 years of policy paralysis. Sonia, Cong, Rahul, NAC, Cabinet and allies have been pulling the PM in so many directions that PM is unable to drive the vehicle of governance. So an autocractic PM might be a better choice to pull India out of the sad economic and other policy hole the Nation has fallen into. An autocratic decision maker would be better than a PM who can't and won't take decisions.

In a way, these two so-called weakness are so much in contrast to current PM Manmohan Singh that they end up looking as strengths and 2 big reasons why Narendra Modi should be the prime PM candidate.