Monday, June 1, 2009

Successful Diplomacy?

One of the many things, media and the ruling party spoke as a UPA achievement was its diplomacy. Let's just have a look at what's happening around and see if this is really an achievement:

Pakistan has still not acted on 26/11 accussed and continues to play traunt on that.

While US has now conveniently reduced the 'pressure' on Pakistan for terror in India, it has started applying economic pressure on India with its anti-outsourcing policies. And the pressure to sign the NPT has restarted. So much for the hyped up Nuke Treaty

Sri Lanka
China has already made its inroads in SL with it's pro-government stand durign the LTTE crisis. India in turn was caught riding on two boats which meant that neither they have a say with Sri Lanka any more and neither they could do anything to prevent human rights violation.

France has already shown its inclination to sign a Nuke Deal with Pakistan notwithstanding Pakistan's precarious position. Indian government has left Indian students in Australia to their own fate when faced with brutal racial attacks.

If this all is supposed to be an achievement, then God save the country from such regimes.

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