Saturday, July 24, 2010

Politics of encounters

So the CBI is gunning and so is the media. Not to forget the Congress and the so-called activists. And what is the target? 2 (or rather 3) encounters in Gujarat a few year s ago. The first one is one a known criminal Sohrabuddin and his wife, the other one is of his accomplice and fellow criminal Tulsi Prajapati, the third one of a LeT terrorist Isharat Jehan. So these 3 have given enough reason for others to hunt for the most efficient CM of India, Narendra Modi. Lets look at some statistics of encounters

Nearly 120 encounters have taken place in Maharashtra since 2000. Most of them under Chagan Bhujbal as the Home Minister. Interesting fact is that more than 70% of those killed belonged to anti-Dawood gangs. Gang affiliations aside, the fact thot most of those killed were gangsters meant that no tear was spent over the encounters. Lets come to another Congress ruled state Andhra Pradesh. Nearly 80 encounters have taken place over last 5 years. Most under Naxal operations or again st the mafia. Similar story repeated in UP where encounters of dacoits and criminals is a regular feature. Compareid to this Gujarat has witnessed less than 15 encounters in Modi regime.

But still we are made to believe that everything is wrong about the Gujarat Home Ministry and the police and administrators need to be punished. What sort of message are we sending? As long as you are a criminal troubling people in opposition ruled states, you will be provided protection and after your death 'justice'. If you are a terrorist like Isharat and wish to blow up opposition leaders, you will have support from the media, 'civil society' and 'secular' establishment. Is that the message one has to get?

Look at statistics again. Gujarat has amonst the lowest crime ratio in India but still the Home Department of Gujarat is being hunted like it is a pack of trigger happy mercenaries.

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