Friday, July 17, 2009

Arrogance of Power

Something's can never change whatever be the time span. And Congress blue blood arrogance is back. After winning just over 200 seats in the elections, one is seeing a spate of activities in opposition rules states and a clamour for President's Rule. So far, the President's Rule has been demanded in West Bengal, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh and now Uttar Pradesh. Congress is back to it's original thinking that nobody except they are destined to rule India. It seems very laughable when Rita Bahuguna Joshi targets Mayawati on rape cases in the most abusive language used in Indian Politics. She seems to forget the history wherein Congress leaders have been found guilty of the biggest sex scandals in India - Jalgaon, Srinagar, Indore and Delhi, in last 2 decades. And then comes the 'PM in waiting' or should one say Proxy PM, Rahul Gandhi on the infrastructure woes of UP. Can someone remind him that his party has been ruling that state for nearly 4 decades and if there is someone to blame for the lack of development in India, it has to be only and only Congress. But then, who will say that Emperor has no clothes?

It's surprising that this arrognace is kept aside only for India and Indians. Because the moment the PM steps out, he seems to bow down to everything, right from the stand on Pollution in Developing Countries to Terror and talks with Pakistan. It would help the country if rather than showing their bravado to Indians, the government shows some on the international circuit where it is fast replacing UK as US's paddle dog.

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