Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Years of effort washed in few minutes of 'emotion'?

The Sharm Al Sheikh declaration between India and Pakistan has become a hot potato for the overnment to handle. India for the first time has been driven to the backfoot by Pak diplomacy. From being a victim of terror to formentor terror, India covered a long distance within 20 minutes of one to one between India PM and Pakistan PM. No one knows what transpired in the one to one meeting and no one will ever know because the RTI act does not include these discussions. But one thing is for sure, India gave temuch more than it got. Was it US pressure or was it the wish to go down in history books or was it the temptation of a Noble Peace Prize, one might never find out. What we find out on a daily basis is that while we have been stripped of our pposition to question Pakistan on terror attacks here, we see an accusation from the other side about Baluchistan on a daily basis.

This is when the statesman like Atal Bihari Vajpayee and cunning fox Late. Narsimha Rao score heavily over Manmohan Singh.

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