Friday, July 3, 2009

The 'Liberal' slip in showing

While watching the landmark and welcome judgment on homosexuality, I enjoyed what I call the wicked pleasure. This pleasure was to see the so-called liberals like John Dayal, Father Emmanuel, Kamal Farooqi, Kalbe Javed etc show their real intolerant face. For long these 'gentlemen' have been the darling of media, activists and political parties who don't miss a chance to parade these liberals to take on the right-wing intolerant. But yesterday, they stood exposed as they went on their religious beliefs and how their beliefs were bigger than the judgement or the human rights of the homosexual community. It was sad the way these guys were turning a day of respect to a day of shame.

Next time, I hope I don't get mails of liberalism, tolerance and human rights coming out of a church flooding my mail box just because they were on receiving end.

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