Monday, July 20, 2009


One more deviation from the stand taken last year and during the election campaign. Now we have gone ahead with EUMA (End User Monitoring Agreement) with the US. One of the interesting points of this agreement is - US Administration has a right to monitor that the systems sold by them to India can't be used against US allies. This ties down India to the changing dimplomatic positions of US vis-a-vis allies. Plus that line combined with the flip flops on Pakistan being a US ally makes thione think if in a situation of battle, can India use systems against Pakistan without US coming down heavily on it. This plus many other terms which clearly show that India again bowed to US pressure and Govt has backtracked from the promises made to the Parliament and the nation..

In last 1 week, this is the third time that India succumbed to the US pressure. The Emission discussion in Italy, the Indo-Pak declaration under US pressure and now the EUMA. At this rate, this governemtn is slowly turning from UPA to YUPA - Yield Under Pressure Alliance.

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